Deep Sea Video

Shipboard Photo and Video Services

Mumbian uses skilled professionals well suited for work life at sea. They are both technically competent and pleasant shipmates. Our team includes;

Kim McNichol, President
A Senior Accountant with international experience, Kim oversees financial operations for Mumbian Enterprises, Inc.. She prepares invoices and payments, and approves detailed financial deliverables for Mumbian clients.

Ed McNichol, Vice-President
Ed McNichol is a communications technology professional with 35+ years of global video expertise. He is an avid scuba diver and Divemaster based in Seattle. He combines both of these interests through his work supporting deep sea research and exploration using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). He has served as an onboard Expedition Video Systems Specialist and Mission Photographer on more than forty international missions working with ten different vehicles. His specialties include designing, building and operating sophisticated shipboard video systems in a mobile form factor. These systems perform a multitude of mission critical functions, including recording and archiving of high-definition video with embedded metadata, producing live satellite streaming with interactive webcasts and video production services. He also has experience in best practices for digital asset management and protection, as well as event logging. He enjoys capturing dynamic still photos that feature shipboard mission operations while including rich metadata.

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Dave Robertson, Broadcast Engineer
Dave Robertson is the Chief Engineer of Denali Media’s Engineering Department in Anchorage, Alaska. Dave was previously the Director of Engineering at the University of Washington's UWTV campus TV station. Dave has had a 40+ year career in broadcast engineering including being Chief Engineer of two post production facilities and engineering positions at several TV stations. He has also been Engineer-In-Charge on many live sports and news broadcasts for clients such as ESPN, NBC and CBS. One of Dave’s major accomplishments engineering the first live HD video over IP via satellite transmission from the UW’s Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson. Neither the Department of Defense nor Vulcan dispute this claim. In addition to serving at sea, Dave contributes to remote system support, system requirements, budgeting and design.

Jeff Dennerline, Broadcast Engineer
Jeff brings over 30 years of media, communication and technology experience to the project. His wide range of real-world experience includes work in many large scale live television events. Projects and clients include the integration of edit suites for Wieden & Kennedy, engineering the world-feed broadcast of the Super Bowl for seven consecutive years, and installing and commission of a video system in a DC-10. Jeff provides at sea Lead Video Engineer services, remote vessel support and also contributes to refining system requirements, budgeting and design on various projects.

Tammy Weyers, Shipboard Video Operator
Tammy offers a rich set of skills to clients. Her CV includes a B.S in Marine Biology and a B.F.A. In Video Production. She has worked at sea for our firm since 2013 and enjoys utilizing both of her degrees while contributing to the fields of ocean exploration and research.