These are some workflows I have designed to ensure accurate results each time media is processed. Getting the process absolutely correct once and then replicating that success ensures accurate results each time, even when the operator is tired or under time pressures.

Start Dive
Here is a portion of a sample workflow for the start of an ROV dive, based on the client requirements;

  • Data visible on Mon1 Plura1
  • Data visible on CC Open
  • Correct time on Mon1 Plura1
  • Correct Dive Number on Mon1 Plura1
  • Select Router 7 (Cam4 Port) on SW PGM
  • Make audio announcement
  • Select Router 5 (.FS2-A) after lemons
ROV on Bottom
  • Make audio announcement
  • Start recording on Primary KP
  • Enter note in Imaging Log
  • Start recording on Alternate KP
  • Enter note in Imaging Log
  • Start recording on DR
  • Enter note in Imaging Log
  • Start Alinof (6:55) and Apimac (6:45) timers
  • Set personal timers / alarms
  • Ensure that all systems are recording and video system is healthy (Wait for 1 minute mark)
  • Audio slate
  • Enter note in Imaging Log
  • Enter native primary file names in Media Database
  • Test stream
  • Verify website live video
  • Verify metadata on live stream (Close after viewing!)

    Still Processing
    Here is a portion of a sample workflow for the handling of still images;
    Transfer Files
    • Shotput Pro
    • Rename Files
    Reset Camera
    • Return CF Card to Camera
    • Format CF Card
    • Check camera clock
    • Check camera battery
    • Check camera lens
    File Management
    • Drag import folder to Move Footage Files app
    • Run Backup Project script
    • Acquire GPS log
    • Convert GPS log
    • Import GPS log to HoudahGeo
    • Import images to HoudahGeo
    • GeoTag images
    • Export XMP Sidecars
    • Save HoudahGeo project
    • Export CSV file
    • Export GPX track
    • Close HoudahGeo
    Convert Footage
    • Convert footage to ProRes
    • Mark Footage Raw as no color
    • Import images
    • Create Folder Collection Set
    • Import Smart Selections
    • Rename Smart Selections with Import Name and proper folder
    • Quit Lightroom after operations completed
    File Management
    • Run Backup Project script 
    • Pull Selects
    • Refine Selects
    • Send Selects to DxO
    • Adjust Selects
    • Send Selects to Lightroom
    • Assign Keywords
    • Develop Selects
    • Portrait Professional Faces
    • Import PP Images
    • Copy develop settings to PP
    • Degrade one version to 2 star
    • Pull Best
    • Review Not Best
    • Review Excluded
    • Label Best as Yellow
    • Inspect Best Metadata
    Output Photos
    • Export Best
    • Label Best as Yellow in Finder
    • Export Selects DxO
    • Copy Best to Selects folder (Replace)
    • Copy Best to All Best
    • Copy Selects to All Selects
    File Management
    • Quit Lightroom
    • Run Backup Project script
    • Run Thumb script
    • Catalog disks
    Deliver Photos 
    • Upload new Best to Flickr
    • Copy Selects to Mac Mini
    • On EdBook, Folder Sync “Exported to Mac Alpha”
    • On Mac Alpha, Folder Sync “Stills to Cruise Share”
    • On Mac Alpha, Folder Sync “Stills to Google Drive"
    • Label Best and Selects folders Green
    • Send e-mail to “done” that new stills are uploaded
    • Pic of the Day pulls